Your Marine Corps Disbursing Association is looking forward to growing.  You might ask yourself, what are we about?  Why should I join? We carry on one of the oldest traditions of the Marine Corps, CAMARADERIE.  We renew old acquaintances, meet new people with like interests, and share sea stories.  Everyone has an experience to share.  From those who used hand crank adding machines and 80 column punch cards to those who used PFR's and TODE's onto those who use computers and MCTFS; All have experiences to share.  These shared experiences help to reinforce our CUSTOMS and TRADITIONS.

Please join.  Contribute and help us guide this association.  Yes, there is a $30.00 biennial membership fee.  The fee helps to pay for the administrative costs of the association.  The fees are used for this website, a newsletter, printing and mailing, and to support reservation requirements for association events.  The fee also helps support the Shelly Stokley Memorial Scholarship Fund.

All of the association officials are volunteers.  No one is paid.  We are a nonprofit, tax exempt, 501(c)(19), association.

To join you must be a Marine Corps veteran who worked in a financial management field or a spouse.  Those who provided support to the financial community such as information technology or personnel administration and their spouses are also eligible.


Disburser Registry

Below is a link to a document that contains the name, rank and email address of disbursers who are registered with the MCDA.

If you would like to be added to the registry or modify an existing entry, send your name, rank and email address to Kevin Gascon at

Please note.  Registering does not make you a member of the Marine Corps Disbursing Association.  If you would like to become a member please complete a membership application found above.


Alpha Online Directory List (14 Jul 2019) (pdf)